only in Silver Gate

yesterday morning I opened the door to my cabin and found a bull bison within 15 feet!

the skiing was phenomenal in Pebble Creek.

I even caught a hitch-hike in the UPS truck.


dRider said...

...and for once you were sans lens? oh the irony.

jpf said...

did you make eye contact? were you close enough to hear him breathe? i love picturing this exchange.

and i wonder if UPS delivered you right to your door? Just as advertised! I'll see if i can pick up some of your good vibes--i've been hitching rides to campus whenever i miss the bus :P

mt surf said...

O contraire dRider, I shot video.

And yes jpf, eye contact indeed.
I sat down with my Moroccan mint and had a nice chat with him. He even took a step in my direction (aggressive). Fortunately, I’m comfortably na├»ve.