they’ll hide under a foot of fresh powder,
without showing a trace of their presence

then flutter up in a furry,
as soon as you ski on over


the coriolis effect

from the magic city

to cole creek

and everything

in between


i'm on my way up to montana

and i’m bringing the kitchen sink


playing cards

it’s not the cards you're dealt

but your perception of the game


it's snowing!

and an ideal day to have gone swimming


dry fork

scoping the cirque

with five stock trailers parked at the trailhead
walter and i had a bet going
as to how many cow dogs we'd see on the trail

there were three, which gave us a good laugh.


broads fork

today i cached some food and fuel
in possibly my favorite place in the Wasatch

things were looking rather lean,
except for the blue ice!


election day

today I had a nice tour on Mount Olympus.

five hours CTC.

the NW precinct (aka Medusa Face) had been weighing on my mind, so I thought I’d check it out,

along with the character of candidates like the Zeus Chute and Apollo Couloir

but my vote goes to the Memorial Couloirs


cardiff camp

contrary to the Pleasant Grove website,
the Alpine Loop road has been gated.
so after driving down to Timpanogos,
I returned to Little Cottonwood,
and decided to make use of my perfectly packed rucksack,
for a few days of skiing around uncommonly quiet Cardiff.